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What is Anviz Facepass?

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6 Reason You Need

Anviz Facepass

Save Time

Just look and go during record attendance.

No more card lost or long queue issue!


Save Money

Reduce expenses on punch card or ribbon ink.

Go green with Anviz and save environment!


High Accuracy

Eliminate 'Buddy Punching' issue!

Able to recognize different appearance, even twins.



Machine auto wake up when detect motion.

Hygiene and touch-free on machine!


Simple Step To Generate Report

Click button to download data.

Auto calculation every months for you.

All kinds of report are ready for payroll!


Centralize System

Remote access from HQ even oversea!

Check attendance records daily is not an issue anymore!


50% Discount

Last 10 Units!

Other Powerful Feature

2.8 Inch TFT LCD Touch Screen

Simple to operate icon interface. User Friendly.

100 Users, 100000 Record

High capacity suit for every business type.

Dual Cameras for 3D Introduction and Verification

Double authenticated method for eliminate buddy puching.

Advanced Infrared Light Source

Can recognize at night time without any light source.

USB Pen Drive and LAN Post

Data download easily by pendrive or network.

Built-in dry contact relay for door access control.

Able to connect this device to control the door access.

High Speed Samsung ARM platform CPU

Ensures the verification speed less then 0.5s.

Inbuilt RTC & 5 Group Scheduled Bell

You can set the bell schedule for rest time and working time.

How it function ?

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Q & A

Q: Is Facepass is better than fingerprint time attendance ?
A: Facepass is nearly 100% recognizable but fingerprint technology will have problems for enrollment for people at some condition like working with cold environment like cold storage, wet condition like fisherman, roust about cause fingerprint skin problem like desquamation, elder people, around 1% people cannot get enrolled with fingerprint technology. These people usually cannot register fingerprint and store in their IC.
Q: Will pictures, head models and waxworks incur error recognition?
A: No, they won’t. With the equip od Dual Camera Sensor, Facepass has the unique 3D live face detection function; non-living objects, such as pictures, head models and waxworks, would not cause recognition error.
Q: If I become fat or thin, is that recognize result will be effected?
A: It adopted latest BioNANO Facial Algorithm, It will intelligent auto updating of your face templates time by time to increase quality and accuracy so you don’t worry about cant recognized.
Q: Got warranty?
A: Yes. We provide one year warranty for this Professional CCTV Camera
Q: If I makeup, wearing hat, grow a beard, change my hairstyle, is that any effect?
A: NO, it will not effected, All races in global can be easily recognize.
Q: How if I wear glasses or contact lens?
A: It won’t affect if wearing contact lens. For wearing glasses will cause more time for recognize because of glass will cause refraction.
Q: So your machine has any recognize limitation?
A: Most important is don’t have any object cover face,
Q: How to retrieve data from machine?
A: There are 2 methods. By using a single pen drive download time attendance data. Another is using LAN to download data.
Q: Where I can put the device?
A: You can install the device anywhere except under direct sunlight expose. Example like Guardhouse, in front office or operation area.
Q: Is the device Vandalproof?
A: No. but you can purchase special made casing for it for protect the device.
Q: If current blackout, how is the data inside?
A: Don’t worry, all data will be safe. We also have power backup unit special for it.

About Us

Established in 2005, HI-PROFILE ACHIEVEMENT (M) SDN BHD has grown and evolved from modest beginnings to one of the BIOMETRIC Distributor in the Malaysia & worldwide. Being a one-stop BIOMETRIC solution, we are specialized in providing a comprehensive range of the Highest Quality BIOMETRIC products distributing them to dealers, installers and system integrators. Also, our TIME ATTENDANCE SYSTEM are designed for a wide range of scenarios, including: Retail, Banking, Education, Government, Healthcare, Hotel & Leisure and Transportation.



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